The project behind One year of design.

I believe that the best way to learn design isn’t at school. You can learn and achieve a lot more by reading books, blogs, watching tutorials, asking questions to other professionals, getting inspired by the products and ads around you or by the work of other people. I also think that the most important thing to be a great designer is experience! Musicians and Athletes practice as much as they can to excel in what they do, why would it be different for designers?

This is why over the next year, instead of watching TV or wasting some time over the Internet, I’ll be spending around thirty minutes daily (or more) designing something nice and exploring new techniques and styles. It could be icons, buttons, logos, typography, infographics, illustrations, name it!

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to design something or you’re tired of sitting in front of a computer. I know it won’t be an easy challenge, but I will try my best to include this as part of my daily routine. We’ll see if I can handle 365 days without missing a single one.

Am I crazy? Maybe, but I prefer saying that I’m creative.

Time to be creative now!